Constant and precise inspection Ideal for airports, prisons, railways, subways, stadiums, courts, industries and logistics centers, Spectrum 6550 guarantees the constant flow of control and security systems without risking the precision in illicit detection. Talk to our consultants Automatic discrimination of materials by color Automatic generation of high quality images, in which organic materials are […]


High quality and high power Spectrum 6040 DV has excellent threat inspection and detection capabilities. It was specifically designed to meet the needs of demanding markets that depend on high quality and robust security systems, such as airports, prisons, stadiums or courts. The equipment operates with powerful X-ray generators, achieving high levels of penetration and […]


Convenience combined with security Innovative design with built-in monitor and keyboard, large casters and handles on the sides make Spectrum 6040 M ideal for security systems of events or areas that require high mobility and easy installation. Talk to our consultants Powerful generator and image quality Spectrum 6040 M has a powerful X-ray generator (180kV […]


Increased efficiency and control Spectrum 6040 was designed to meet the needs of control and security systems that require high image quality for detecting illicit, such as airports, prisons, railways, subways, stadiums, courts and parcel services. Talk to our consultants Real time image generation Through its automatic detection of threats with color inversion, the equipment […]


Accurate and non-intrusive inspection Reduced dimensions and optimized tunnel size in order to operate in sensitive security areas, such as dispatch rooms, entrance halls, schools and prisons. Talk to our consultants The best image quality on the market With a 160kV generator, this equipment acquires high penetration power in steel which, combined with its high […]


Compact design and precise inspection Spectrum 5333 is one of the most compact equipment on the market. With a table design in small dimensions, it allows the inspection of small volumes with great efficiency, precision and easy mobility Ideal for mail storage centers, public buildings, banks and universities. Talk to our consultants Automated prevention systems […]