High energy scanner for trucks and containers Spectrum Cargo has the most modern and reliable linear accelerator in the world, enabling high penetration into steel and fast data transfer. Using an innovative free flow automatic scanning procedure, this equipment guarantees a constant flow of vehicles at the inspection site. Talk to our consultants Assured security […]


High performance to inspect high volumes Spectrum 180180 DV is a high performance X-ray inspection equipment with automatic threat detection algorithm. Ideal for places where high control and security are needed, such as airports, customs services, carriers and logistics and distribution centers.   Talk to our consultants Double vision technology Innovative technology with double vision […]


High power and performance Spectrum 180180 has a high level performance, featuring 1800 x 1800 mm tunnel dimensions and high power generator (200kV). It provides good penetration for object recognition with sharpness and image quality. Talk to our consultants High security systems for high control environments The equipment was specially designed to meet the needs […]


Automatic threat identification Spectrum 100100 H DV has high image quality and automatic detection algorithm for drugs, explosives and high density materials.   Talk to our consultants More safety and control in inspection With an excellent level of penetration and high image quality, Spectrum 100100 H DV is ideal for international airports, customs facilities, carriers, […]


Certified by international airports Spectrum 100100DV uses high power X-ray generators, with a high penetration function and automatic threat detection. Developed to meet the needs of airports, prisons, customs facilities, carriers, logistics and distribution centers.   Talk to our consultants Automatic color identification Generation of high quality and sharp images with automatic color differentiation, organic […]

Spectrum 100100 H

The best image quality With a 180kV x-ray generator, Spectrum 100100H has the highest image quality on the market. Developed to meet the needs of airports, prisons, customs facilities, carriers, logistics and distribution companies.   Talk to our consultants Inspection of various dimensions For companies that need to inspect volumes of different dimensions, Spectrum 100100 […]


Internationally recognized efficiency Spectrum 100100 has a modern design and high image quality, certified by international airports. It was developed to meet the needs of areas that require high security with full tracking of cargo of various sizes, such as airports, prisons, customs facilities, transport operations, carriers and parcel services.   Talk to our consultants […]