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VMI is a global company focused on developing solutions for x-ray security inspection, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life in society. Our products have excellent scientific basis and the services dare of recognized excellence.

With over 30 years of experience in x-ray technology, the VMI Group is present on five continents, providing close to 600 direct and indirect collaborators all over the world.

VMI is part of the security division of Prime Holding Group, which also controls companies operating in the areas of services, investment, construction and medical diagnostic equipment.

Products & Solutions

Committed to its customers, VMI is able to guarantee full satisfaction to the market, because we work to provide complete security solutions, including product manufacturing, installation, warranty, maintenance and operation.

Also, the company offers its clients an extensive network of specialized technical assistance throughout the country, which guarantees the success of our projects.
We also work with equipment rental in a scan_linhas
variety of ways: daily, monthly, annual, and pay-per-use.