X-ray technology for the expansion of your security
and efficiency of your processes


X-ray technology was developed to expand the capacity of human vision. Through a specially developed generator for inspections, the x-ray beam
is produced, penetrating the inspected object, which is then translated by high performance detectors. As a result, images with high quality and sharpness allow the rapid identification inside the inspected object. Because of Dual Energy Technology, the translation made by the x-ray detectors allows for the identification of different types of chemical

compositions in the inspected material, such as organic material, liquids and metal, coloring them automatically in specific colors to facilitate the process of identifying threats or vulnerabilities with greater ability. In addition, the equipment already tells the operator the probable threats or items and materials that the client deems important to identify, taking into account the chemical composition of the material inspected and the respective formats.
  • 1- Airports

    Airports, airlines, aviation administration, and air logistics.

  • 2- Ports | Customs | Borders

    In the fight against threats through the processes of importation and exportation in ports and customs, through the non-intrusive inspection of trucks or containers.

  • 3- Critical Infrastructure

    Banks, Courts, Assemblies, Government Agencies, Embassies and International Organizations.

  • 4- Corporate | Private sector

    Hotels, Post Offices, Schools, Railway and Highway Companies.

  • 5- Prisons

    Departments of Public Security, Juvenile Detention System, Correctional Institution Administration companies.

  • 6- Forensic

    Medical Examiner and Forensic Medicine, Trauma Hospitals, Private Hospitals with a morgue.

  • 7- Military

    Application of x-ray science on the battlefield for the Armed Forces in battle zones. Radiation, detection of traces and integrated systems.

  • 8- Events

    Protection of crowds, stadium, arenas and events, such as: The World Cup, the Confederations Cup, among others.