Corporate | Private sector

With x-ray technology it is possible to get the following results for your company:

  1. Quick evaluation of the quantity of products inside packages without the need of human contact or manual inspection;
  2. Effective quality control of the products produced or that will be distributed;
  3. Efficiency in preventing stock losses;
  4. Reduced operating costs;
  5. Greater control of the entry/exit process of employees, reducing vulnerability;
  6. Expansion of general security, inhibiting and identifying the threats and thefts before they can happen.
Achieve maximum efficiency in your inspection process and high levels of productivity through x-ray technology.


Our high-tech solutions have as a premise: quality of our products and services; affordable cost for our customers; a guarantee of the expansion of security in the organization; reduced operating costs, mainly by controlling losses; maintenance of the relationship with our customers, considering the post-sales department.