Spectrum 100100 VAN




The Spectrum100100 VAN offers an extremely suitable solution for inspections, due to their mobility it is ideal for mobile inspections of large luggage, packages and freight at police checkpoints, large events, airports, stadiums, highways, and subway stations, among others. Equipement can be offered with complet set of accessories for stand alone operation as: Eletric generator., cameras. ar conditioning, etc.


Self-sufficient energy source and special accessories inside.


VAN Mobile
Items Items Series Optional Series Optional
X-ray generator Monobloc 180kV operando a 170kV X X
Monobloc 160kV operando a 150kV X X
Documents Radiation report X X
Operating manual X X
Peripheral Operating keyboard X X
Monitor LCD 18,5″ (configurable) X X
Kit for bidirecional scanning X X
Software Software – TIP X X
Software – Threat auto detection system X X
Software – High density auto detection X X
Expanded image storage – up to 200.000 images X X

Spectrum 100100 Mobile: Supply of adapted vehicle on request