Spectrum Cargo Compact



Effective inspection of small and mid-sized cars on roads, border control and high security location

The Spectrum Cargo Compact was designed to meet the highest demands. Using technology that transmits low dose of radiation allowing the permanence of the driver insed the vehicle while it passes through the inspection tunnel.

Smuggling, illicits, tax evasion products and explosives inside the vehicle can be easily identified by the system. It provides dynamic inspection ensuring high volume of traffic with high reliability in the analysis of results.

• Scanning in real time
• Self diagnostic system

• Storage capacity above 200,000 images (expandable)
• Suspicious image tagging feature and image analysis report record
• Organic / inorganic material discrimination
• Reports

Detection of drugs and weapons shown highlight.
Excellent picture quality. Organic materials shown in orange, metal in blue and a mixture of them in green.