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At VMI Security we believe that great businesses are built with lasting partnerships, transparency, commitment, and seriousness. That’s why we do our best not only to deliver high quality equipment, but to ensure all the support necessary for your company to achieve all its goals.

At VMI Security, all our work is aimed at achieving a goal: to be the best business partner for customers and employees. By becoming a VMI Security partner, you will be able to choose which business model best fits your objective and profile.

VMI Security develops x-ray solutions for non-invasive inspection.

With more than 30 years of experience, VMI stands out for developing high-quality equipment with cutting-edge technology and continuous support. And it is precisely the vocation to innovation and customer care that has provided not only our insertion in the international market, but also the consolidation of our brand as synonymous with safety, seriousness, and efficiency.

The VMI Industrial Park was inaugurated in a área of 140,000m², with 25,000m² of built area, following the most modern construction and environmental preservation techniques, in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.

We develop high quality systems and according to international regulations and standards.


We are a global company

Regional support

Commercial operations are monitored by a Regional Manager prepared to guide and support you.

Lead generation

Contacts generated directly with VMI, through events, manager, social networks, and website are passed on to our partners.

Support in bids

With international experience, our bidding team will be ready to support you in the bidding process.

Marketing Materials

VMI provides partners with marketing materials to support negotiations and achievement of goals.

Engineering Support

We have a team of Engineers available to answer any questions and seek solutions.

High yields

We work with a commissioning system that allows high yields for VMI distributors.

How to be a partner of VMI Security sales


Make your registration
Register the data of contact and responsible company’s legal framework.



Register your company
Fill the form of registration with the data rom your company to that can be evaluated..


Do your training
After the registration is approved by the legal representative of the company then starts the phase of training.


Start selling
Past the training will you be ready to start sales and reach all your goals!


Management side by side
You can count on a global team for assisting in your local performance.

VMI Security export to more than 50 countries in the world and have collaborators on five continents.


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