Spectrum 6040

The Spectrum 6040 is made up of robust equipment specifically designed to meet the needs and applications that demand high inspection and image quality, such as airports, prisons, railways and subways, stadiums, courts, ordering services or where high security is required.
The Spectrum 6040 use a state-of-art high power x-ray generator (180kV) that meets the highest image quality and penetration requirements for even faster and more efficient inspection.


Spectrum 6040

Spectrum 6040 M

Spectrum 6040 DV


    Standard Plus Mobile DV (Dual View)
Items Items Series Optional Series Optional Series Optional Series Optional
X-ray generator Monobloco 180kV operating at 170kV X X X
Monobloco 160kV operating at 150kV X X X
Documents Radiation report X X X X
Operating manual X X X X
Peripheral Operating keyboard X X X X
Monitor LCD 18,5″ X X Internal
Dual monitor LCD 18,5″ (color, black/white) – (configurable) X X X
Robust castle, handle X X X
Monitor 18,5″ inside body equipment X
Software Software – TIP X X X X
Software – Threat auto detection system X X X X
Software – High density auto detection X X X X
Expanded image storage – up to 200.000 images X X X X


Excellent picture quality.
Organic materials shown in orange, metal material
shown in blue, and a mixture of them shown in green.