Innovation in forensic analysis Flatscan DF-80 DV is an innovative full-body X-ray equipment developed specifically for forensic analysis and to serve legal medical institutes and hospitals. The equipment has digital technology and uses a high-performance X-ray generator with dose control that optimizes the level of exposure required for each inspected body part. Talk to our […]


Innovative biosafety Apolo D Smartcheck Ai was developed to perform chest X-ray examinations on a large scale to identify traces of pulmonary infections characteristic of contamination by Covid-19. The equipment can be easily installed in public and private places, has low operating costs and a fast and efficient disinfection system.   Talk to our consultants […]


Non-intrusive and safe inspection PD 6500i is a portable metal detector with multiple receivers distributed inside, high density transmitters with low radiation and advanced programming that allows detection adjustments and high sensitivity.   Talk to our consultants Fast threat detection The equipment has 33 independent detection zones and a light bar on both side panels. […]


High level of control and security Spectrum Bodyscan DV is capable of providing high level control and security in prisons, airports, border posts and government facilities. It allows a full body inspection, including the soles of the shoes, with a registration system and automatic control of the accumulated dose for each inspected individual.   Talk […]


Safe and constant inspection Spectrum BodyScan is an innovative solution that can be used for constant personal inspection, with the ability to detect hidden objects inside the body due to its extremely low radiation dose.   Talk to our consultants Complete protection for high-flow environments With its low radiation technology, the equipment provides complete security […]


High sensitivity detection Super Scanner ® V is a manual metal detector with an 8 ″ (20.3cm) surface that controls the flow of metals through the high sensitivity of detection when approaching the object or body to be inspected.   Talk to our consultants Metals of various shapes and sizes under quick inspection Due to […]


Border control security Spectrum Cargo Compact was developed for non-intrusive inspection of small and medium-sized cars. Ideal for control and security systems at highways, checkpoints and border control posts.   Talk to our consultants High penetration function Spectrum Cargo Compact allows the driver to remain in the vehicle, providing a faster inspection and an increase […]


High energy scanner for trucks and containers Spectrum Cargo has the most modern and reliable linear accelerator in the world, enabling high penetration into steel and fast data transfer. Using an innovative free flow automatic scanning procedure, this equipment guarantees a constant flow of vehicles at the inspection site. Talk to our consultants Assured security […]


High performance to inspect high volumes Spectrum 180180 DV is a high performance X-ray inspection equipment with automatic threat detection algorithm. Ideal for places where high control and security are needed, such as airports, customs services, carriers and logistics and distribution centers.   Talk to our consultants Double vision technology Innovative technology with double vision […]


High power and performance Spectrum 180180 has a high level performance, featuring 1800 x 1800 mm tunnel dimensions and high power generator (200kV). It provides good penetration for object recognition with sharpness and image quality. Talk to our consultants High security systems for high control environments The equipment was specially designed to meet the needs […]