Spectrum 100100


The Spectrum 100100 is designed specifically to meet the needs and applications of airports, prisons, customs installations, transportation operations, carriers, parcel services or wherever high security and total screening is needed for a wide variety of dimensions.
In addition, the 170kV x-ray generator allows to achieve the highest image quality on the market.


Dimensions (Single View) (Dual View)
length 3600mm 4400mm
width 1300mm 2000mm
height 1800mm 1800mm
Weight 950kg
Tunnel Size 1010mm (W) / 1005mm (H)
Power 750 VA

Spectrum 100100 DV

Spectrum 100100 H

    Standard Plus DV (Dual View) H
Items Items Series Optional Series Optional Series Optional Series Optional
X-ray generator Monobloc 180kV operating at 170kV X X X
Monobloc 160kV operating at 150kV X X X
Documents Radiation report X X X X
Operating manual X X X X
Peripheral Operating keyboard X X X X
Monitor LCD 18,5″ X X X
Dual monitor LCD 18,5″ (color, black/white) X X  X  X
Software Software – TIP X X X X
Software – Threat auto detection system X X X X
Software – High density auto detection X X X X
Expanded image storage – up to 200.000 images X X X X


Organic materials shown in orange, metal material shown in blue, and a mixture of them shown in green.