Border control security Spectrum Cargo Compact was developed for non-intrusive inspection of small and medium-sized cars. Ideal for control and security systems at highways, checkpoints and border control posts.   Talk to our consultants High penetration function Spectrum Cargo Compact allows the driver to remain in the vehicle, providing a faster inspection and an increase […]


High energy scanner for trucks and containers Spectrum Cargo has the most modern and reliable linear accelerator in the world, enabling high penetration into steel and fast data transfer. Using an innovative free flow automatic scanning procedure, this equipment guarantees a constant flow of vehicles at the inspection site. Talk to our consultants Assured security […]


Inspection with mobility Spectrum 100100 Van was developed to meet the needs of areas that require high security, mobility and total tracking of different dimension loads. It is ideal for mobile inspection of luggage and objects in police roadblocks, major events, airports, stadiums, highways and checkpoints. Talk to our consultants Mobile security and control High […]


Compact design and precise inspection Spectrum 5333 is one of the most compact equipment on the market. With a table design in small dimensions, it allows the inspection of small volumes with great efficiency, precision and easy mobility Ideal for mail storage centers, public buildings, banks and universities. Talk to our consultants Automated prevention systems […]