Spectrum 6575DV

Inspeção de várias dimensões Para organizações que precisam inspecionar volumes de dimensões variadas, o Spectrum 6575 DV tem sistema para identificação automática de ameaças em objetos de diferentes tamanhos. Fale com nossos consultores Excelente nível de penetração O Spectrum 6575 DV foi especificamente projetado para atender às necessidades de mercados exigentes, como aeroportos, prisões, estádios, […]

Spectrum 6575

Excellent threat detection capability The Spectrum 6575 has high threat detection and inspection capabilities. It was specifically designed to meet the needs of demanding markets such as airports, prisons, stadiums, courts and places where high levels of safety and quality are required. Talk to our consultants High power X-ray generators (180kV) The Spectrum 6575 uses […]

Spectrum 6040 P3D

3D perspectives that capture the depth and detail VMI’s Spectrum 6040 P3D has technology capable of producing perspectives that capture the depth and detail of inspected volumes. Our innovative 3D perspective generation technology eliminates blind spots and increases visibility for easier threat identification. Talk to our consultants 2D 3D Increases the efficiency without changing the […]


Agility with precision Spectrum 7560 was specifically designed to meet the needs of high security and control systems, such as airports, prisons, railways and subways, stadiums, courts or parcel services. Talk to our consultants More safety and control in inspection With an automatic threat detection system and excellent image quality, organic materials are shown in […]


Constant and precise inspection Ideal for airports, prisons, railways, subways, stadiums, courts, industries and logistics centers, Spectrum 6550 guarantees the constant flow of control and security systems without risking the precision in illicit detection. Talk to our consultants Automatic discrimination of materials by color Automatic generation of high quality images, in which organic materials are […]


Convenience combined with security Innovative design with built-in monitor and keyboard, large casters and handles on the sides make Spectrum 6040 M ideal for security systems of events or areas that require high mobility and easy installation. Talk to our consultants Powerful generator and image quality Spectrum 6040 M has a powerful X-ray generator (180kV […]