X-Ray solution developed
by prison security experts.

The Spectrum BodyScan detects contraband while protecting against COVID‑19 transmission, complying with the American Rescue Plan funding.


X-Ray full body scanner inspection

Innovative technology with low X-rays dose, suitable for constant inspection without harming the inspected subject. Fast inspection with a high capacity to detect contraband such drugs and metallic or plastic objects.

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The Spectrum BodyScanner can screen up to 200 individuals per hour, so the officers don’t have to perform a body search down and can maintain the COVID social distance protocols.

Spectrum Bodyscan is capable of providing high level control and security in prisons, airports, border posts and government facilities. It allows a full body inspection, including the soles of the shoes, with a registration system and automatic control of the accumulated dose for each inspected individual.


High level of control and security

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